The Best Way to Resign


  • Have a plan prior to resign day.
    “It’s a simple rule of thumb to be prepared for the worst, remain calm, keep dialogue non-emotional and professional, and have a signed letter to support your verbal resignation.”
  • Write a letter of resignation prior to the meeting with management.
    Draft a short, professional and direct communication. The letter should confirm your intention to leave, the date the meeting occurred and the anticipated last day of employment.
  • Refrain from explaining too much in the resignation meeting.
    The conversation may turn personal and emotive. Stick with the “better opportunity” angle if tenure was unhappy.



  • Resign at the end of the day
    Make you have a private space to discuss the resignation, and ideally at the start of the week.
  • Refrain from telling your co-workersuntil the manager has been communicated the resignation.
  • Be prepared to be counter offered
    Remember that an alarmingly high percentage (60%) of workers that do stay on will generally leave within their first year after a counter offer.
  • Keep in touch with co-workers and mentors
    This has the added bonus that their networks can have a flow-on effect for your networks.


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